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Great North Star - Great North Star


Acid Test Recordings present the self titled debut album from Great North Star

Great North Star brings to mind the patience and quiescence required for ornithology; music for bird watching! As bracing as the chill winds blasting across the desolated hills of the Derbyshire Moorlands, Great North Star draws down influences from a deep pool of post rock, krautrock, electronica, progressive, folk and ambient vibes.

Imagine Richard Thompson during his Grizzly Man soundtrack era and Papa M’s Live From A Shark’s Cage meeting the stargazing qualities of primetime Harmonia and the muted electronica of Aphex Twin and you are in the same headspace as this two piece. Dean Thomas’s rangy, electric guitar stretches out wistfully over Phil Considine’s electronic flutter.

Great North Star’s self titled debut is a sombre, introspective and expansive piece to soundtrack those quieter moments whilst alone in wide open spaces; imaginal or otherwise.

Available as a strictly limited edition of 100 copies on translucent red vinyl from Acid Test Recordings.

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